We are pleased to announce the call for papers of the International Congress “Juri Lotman’s Semiosphere” taking place on 25–28 February 2022, Tallinn & Tartu, Estonia.

The 4-day congress is part of the celebrations of centenary of birth of Juri Lotman (1922-1993) in 2022. The congress celebrates Lotman’s centenary by bringing together representatives of the diverse fields of studies related to Juri Lotman and his scholarship. We wish to commemorate everything that makes up Lotman’s semiopsphere – his voluminous works, pioneering ideas and the vitality of new scholarship surrounding them . But also to trace the trajectories and developments of his ideas and to foster a space for interdisciplinary encounters and new approaches, as well as for commemoration of Lotman as an eminent scholar and a great humanist. 

Deadline for presentation and panel proposition is 15 May 2021. Additional information can be found on the congress homepage. Follow the congress news also on Facebook.

The Centenary year events can be viewed here, and the list will be updated as the preparations proceed.